Monday, February 28, 2011

Mountain House Vs. Backpacker's Pantry

Me and the girlfriend are testing gear and practicing with car camping before we go on our "real" hike.  We wanted to know which food was better, Mountain House or Backpacker's Pantry.  Both companies had Chilli Mac w/ Beef, so we used this for our test.  From the picture above  you can probably tell which one is better. 

Mountain House's tasted better by far.  It had beans, chunks of beef, and an actual sauce.  Backpacker's Pantry had some spices that just diluted the water, the noodles where weak, and the beef looked like they chopped up a flattened sheet of beef product. 

Mountain House wins this one by a huge margin. 

For the test we used our Jetboil to boil the water and just added the water to the bag and let it steep (Or whatever you call it) for the amount of time shown on the side of the bag.

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