Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trying out the Chacos

 I heard a crazy person talk about doing long hikes in a pair of Chaco sandals.  Then I kept seeing other comments online mentioning Chacos so I decided to try some out.

I did 9 miles of trail for the test.  I had a few water crossings and plenty of sand and mud to test in.  Pretty much the sandals held up well and I your feet are going to get wet anyways, might as well have wear something that will dry fast.  

I wore a pair of bicycle socks with the sandals to prevent any chaffing.  Everything worked well.  Only problem I had was dirt would build up below my toes on my left foot.  I soon learned how to quickly shake it out.  

It's a litte worrisome to have exposed toes but I didn't have any trouble, but I need to hike where there are rocks and boulders to make sure though.

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